Secret to Learning Thai Fast!

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Time and again I see the question as if there is some super secret to learning Thai or any language for that matter. Most people will tell you that there is no secret, language learning just takes a lot of study and dedication. This is true and works for some people, but others can really benefit from one secret method that you probably would never consider. Of course this secret trick to language learning in which I speak of is none other then alcohol, or in my case beer (or wine).

About now you must be wondering how exactly alcohol can benefit your language learning. Okay you got me, alcohol on it’s own doesn’t make you a better language learner, it is the side effects of alcohol that are most effective. Alcohol makes you less self conscious so you are more likely to practice your language skills in day to day situations.

Many people are a bit timid to speak a foreign language that they are just learning because they are afraid to make a mistake, but making mistakes is how we improve our skill. If you are always correct in everything that you say, you are either fluent in Thai or you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Make an effort to speak Thai every day with as many people as you can. You will make tons of mistakes, but who really cares?  The only way that you will ever memorize all that vocabulary you are learning or master the Thai tones is to practice speaking them as often as possible.

For those confident and self assured people, alcohol probably isn’t the best solution to your Thai language learning. But for the rest of us who are a bit self conscience, it may be enough to get us out of our shells and practicing the language. Just be sure not to overdo it, we want to remember our conversations after all.

Have you found it easier to converse with Thai’s when you were a bit tipsy, or is this theory completely crazy?  Let me know in the comments below.