The 6 Best Reasons to Retire in Thailand

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So you may be thinking about moving or even retiring in Thailand, but you aren’t quite sure whether you are ready to make the move? Thailand, like all countries in the world has its good qualities as well as bad. As a long term expat living in this beautiful country, I strongly believe that the good far outweighs the bad, which is why I’m still here after all these years. With that said, here are the 6 Best Reasons that you should retire in Thailand, in no particular order.

1Beautiful Country

Huay Mae Waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This should go without saying, but I think it’s necessary to reiterate. Thailand is extremely beautiful. Sure, there are some dumpy areas, mostly centered in and around the tourist areas. However, take a step beyond the well traveled tourist paths and you will experience a country teeming with natural beauty. Starting with the endless number of beautiful beaches along the Andaman and Gulf Coasts to the more than 120 national parks scattered throughout the country, Thailand is no stranger to natural wonders.

2Great Climate

In addition to all the natural beauty of the country, there is an amazing climate. Are you tired of those cold and snowy winters back home? Are your joints aching just thinking about another miserable winter in your home country? How does an average year round temperature ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit sound? Sure, it can get a bit hot here at times, but that’s why air conditioning was invented. Better yet, on the hottest days, why not go down to the beach and jump in the ocean? I’m sure that will cool you down.

3Cost of Living

For most people looking for a place to retire, cost is one of the major factors. Thailand, like most of Southeast Asia, has an incredibly low cost of living. Of course this will vary depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to lay down your roots. Living in a place like Phuket isn’t going to be one of your cheapest choices, it is a resort island after all and the most expensive place to live in all of Thailand. However, compared to most cities in the Western world, even Phuket may be a cheaper alternative.

You can easily find a long term place to stay for just a couple hundred dollars a month, which is a mere fraction of what it would cost in the West. Couple that with the overall cheap cost of food and you can live comfortably in Thailand for practically nothing. Speaking of food…

4Amazing Food

A Spread of Delicious Thai Food

If you are in the minority and don’t enjoy Thai food, then you may disagree with me on this point. Speaking for the majority of the world, Thai food is pretty darn good. Living in Thailand you will have access to practically every Thai dish known to man within a short drive from your home. The cheapness of the food is just icing on the cake at this point.

I know what you’re thinking. Thai food is great, but I don’t want to eat it all the time. I hear you brother (or sister), and I couldn’t agree more. If you were to ask me 20 years ago, I’d say something along the lines of “I guess we can’t have everything.” Lucky for you, this is 2016 and we can have everything. There are so many foreign restaurants, at least around the major expat areas as well as major markets that now stock most Western foods, that you will never be denied your Western fix if you so desire it.

5Friendly People

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, so you would expect the people to be friendly. Although this isn’t always the case, as any expat will tell you, the vast majority of Thai’s are absolute sweethearts. Sure, there are the bad apples that tarnish the image of Thailand as a whole, but they are more the exception than the rule. Get out of the money areas where tourists congregate and you will meet some of the most honest and sincere people that you have ever known.

6Affordable Health Care

One of the great things about Thailand is how cheap it is to receive medical treatment. In recent years there seems to have been a great push towards expanding Thailand’s medical tourism. This includes what would be considered vanity procedures which has made Thailand a Mecca for affordable plastic surgery. However, this also extends to other traditional medical procedures that people just can’t afford in their home countries.

I think the best example is one that I learned from personal experience. Do note, this is coming from the perspective of an American, so your opinions will likely vary. I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident a few year ago and had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance. The ride was approximately 15 minutes and when it came time to pay, the total cost was around 150 baht. That’s about $5 US. If I were to have the same ambulance ride near my home in Los Angeles, I would have paid at least $1,000 for the same trip. That right there is a huge difference and just shows how screwed up the US medical industry is, but that’s for another rant.

So there you have it, 6 reasons why you should retire in Thailand. Do you agree with the list, or did I leave out something? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Six Best Reasons to Retire in Thailand