Sanctuary of Truth

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The Sanctuary of Truth located in the city of Pattaya is an amazing attraction that should not be missed. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before due to it being constructed completely out of teak wood. It is not quite finished yet, actually, it won’t be finished for quite some time. It is tentatively scheduled for completion some time in 2025. Really, that is no reason to pass up this temple.

The Sanctuary of Truth at Sunset

The Sanctuary of Truth at Sunset

The entire project was the vision of a Thai businessman by the name of Lek Viriyaphant. It is said that the visionary was instructed by a monk to construct the temple in order to give back to the people that helped build his massive wealth. It is also said that it was foretold that the businessman would die upon the completion of the temple. Whether there is any truth in any of this, who is to say?

Being a businessman, the project was of course meant to make money, or at least not to lose a lot of money in the construction. Unfortunately, this means that there is an entrance fee of 500 baht, unlike the equally amazing White Temple in Chiang Rai which is free. Most everything touristy in Thailand has some sort of fee attached to it, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

When you first arrive at the temple, you will see a ticket booth collecting the obligatory 500 baht fee. They will try to tag on some extras, but really, the only thing worth seeing is the building itself. Take the extras if you absolutely must, but you are probably better off just giving them a pass.

Detailed Carvings in the Sanctuary of Truth

Detailed Carvings in the Sanctuary of Truth

To say that the Sanctuary of Truth is extremely detailed is an understatement. Literally every inch of the structure is overflowing with intricate details. It is no wonder that it won’t be done for another ten years or more.

There is one benefit to the structure being incomplete. You can literally see the Sanctuary of Truth being constructed before your eyes. There is a large number of Thai workers meticulously carving out new designs by hand. Each worker has only a hammer and chisel, and considering how rock hard teak wood can be, you can imagine how long the process takes.

The temple is styled from ancient Khmer architecture and borrows from both Buddhism and Hinduism as well as the various mythologies of Thailand, Cambodia and to a lesser extent, China and India. As a whole it is an incarnation of ancient Eastern religion and philosophy as well as culture and history. It truly is an amazing structure and upon completion, one of the finest temples in all of Thailand.

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Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya