Wat Chalong

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Located between Chalong and Phuket City sits the largest and most important temple on the Island of Phuket. Wat Chalong is considered to be one of the must see Phuket attractions and for good cause. The sprawling complex offers beautiful architecture and plenty of things to see. It is surely on the must see list of any tourist visiting the island of Phuket and if it isn’t, it most certainly should be!

Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong Temple

The main temple pays homage to the revered monks who first founded the temple during the late 1800’s. Amongst those founders were Phot Chuang and Luang Pho Chan who were well respected amongst the local villages. The main temple is a favorite amongst local Thai Buddhists who often step in to say a prayer and apply golden foil to the statues of the founder monks.

The main attraction at Wat Chalong is the Grand Pagoda. At the base of this large tower is an assortment of Buddha images and statues. Along the walls and as you proceed up the stairs, you will see depictions of the life and deeds of the lord Buddha. Located at the very pinnacle of the tower is what makes Wat Chalong such an important Buddhist temple. It is said that the tower houses an actual bone splinter from the Buddha.

Spanning the entire top of the tower is a viewing platform where you can see in all directions. This place offers a great photo opportunity as you can see the entire temple complex. To the west it is even possible to see The Big Buddha watching over the island.

One time every year around Chinese New Year, there is a large festival the spans the entire complex. During this time you can purchase various foods, partake in carnival games, and locate good bargains on clothes as well as arts and crafts. Parking can be a bit of a mess, but there is typically a few opportunists who open up local parking lots, for a small fee.

Wat Chalong is a Phuket attraction that should be on everyone’s itinerary. It offers great photo opportunities and is an important part of the islands history.

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Wat Chalong in Phuket