Nai Harn Beach

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Nai Harn Beach in the south of Phuket may not be some unknown destination, but compared to the likes of Patong Beach, few people actually go there. It is a pristine white sand beach that is almost untouched by development. This is due mainly to the Nai Harn Temple which occupies much of the property along the shoreline and Nai Harn Lake, a body of water that runs either into or out of the ocean depending on the tide. At the far western end of the beach, there is the Phuket Yacht Club but along the rest of the shore, there is very little else.

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Nai Harn Beach from up in the Jungle

The price of a beach chair is 100 baht for the entire day, but you are free to bring your own towel and sit on the sand. Renting a chair comes with the added benefit of getting an umbrella which is a welcome respite from the sun. All of these chair vendors also sell beverages from their stands at a very reasonable price. An ice cold fresh coconut is a local favorite and is a great way to cool down on a hot day.

The best thing about Nai Harn Beach is that even when there are a good number of people there, it still feels pretty private. This is because there are no long-tail boats, jet-skis, any kind of motored vehicle of any kind. So contrary to a busy beach like Patong or Kata Beach that has these things, the place is extremely quiet. It is easy to just nod off to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach and the wind blowing through the palm trees.

The sand at Nai Harn is extremely soft and there are very few rocks in the sea. The water is typically pretty calm, but can get rough during the monsoon season. Always be mindful of the red flags when they are posted on the shore, it means there are riptides and swimming is dangerous. If there are lifeguards about, always listen to their instruction. When the ocean is too rough for swimming, it is a decent place to catch some waves if you are a surfer. Don’t expect any huge sets coming in, but 5 or 6 foot waves aren’t too uncommon.

Nai Harn Beach from behind The Nai Harn Resort

Nai Harn Beach from behind The Nai Harn Resort

If you should find yourself looking to eat, there are a few options available to you without having to leave the beach. In the center of the beach there are a number of seafood restaurants that also serve Thai food. If you want to enjoy the best meal for your baht, head to the east end of the beach. There they serve up delicious Thai food at a reasonable price. You can even order it takeaway so you can eat it from the comfort of your beach chair.

Nai Harn Beach in the south end of Phuket is one of the best beaches on the island. It is free from the over-development that many Phuket beaches suffer from and maintains an unspoiled feeling. It is a relaxing beach where you can just spend the day listening to the waves crashing on the shore while working on your tan in relative privacy.

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Nai Harn Beach in Phuket